CPU Mining

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Consent Disclaimer

We are pioneering a new way to monetize content by using Coinhive. Instead of just showing advertising in exchange for points, you can use some of your CPU power to help the site earn money through the mining of Monero which the site will use to fund development, pay expenses, and put towards creating monetization for the content creators.

To do this, TheOpenFaucet would like to use your computing power and we want your consent for doing so. This is completely voluntary and not required to receive points as you can always earn points organically by publishing content. We strive to ensure this process is transparent and inform you when our site is using this method to monetize the site.

The calculations are securely executed in your browser’s sandbox and there is nothing to install. However, you may have to disable uBlock, AddBlock Plus, or other security software to miner to run. If you are interested in doing this, we recommend that you disable your ad blocker and other security software for this the following only, as there are many other sites out on the internet that may try to run javascript miners without your knowledge.

Again, this action is not required to access any part of the site and you can still earn VidYen through other means..

Note: If you are on a mobile device, this may drain your battery and/or if you run the miner at 100%, it may cause your computer to overheat so we recommend only using low settings unless you are sure that you have proper cooling for your computer. By default, we have set the usage at 10% of your CPU which is less than an intensive video game.